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Hey! Welcome to my art blog.

I'm a Rhode Island School of Design sophmore illustration major. Check out my art things(:
More sketches of people on the T. I appologize for the poor picture quality
Husky sketch!
Been drawing people on the train lately.
Quick ballpoint pen sketch of nature.
If you don’t think this show has the coolest female characters, then you’re wrong.
Orange is the New Black doodles!!

Anonymous inquired:

Wow I just came across your blog at random and your work is amazing!

I responded with:

Ahh thank you! You made my day.

Gestures of ballerinas in micron pen on collaged paper in sketchbook. 
Tegan and Sara sketches in ballpoint pen with colored pencil and sticky notes.
Sidenote: I plan to update this blog more now that I have a somewhat decent amount of followers so expect more lame sketches of celebrities or whatever ;)